Load Dynamic Page Content Based on Previous Page Activity

Here’s the list of SKILLS for a specific JOB POSITION. I have created a dynamic page where I load additional elements of the specific SKILL. However I don’t know how to check which SKILL was clicked by the user. Hence I don’t know how to load the page with that specific SKILL’s Data.

Can anyone help me?

How are you navigating to the Skills page?

If you’re using the ‘Go top page’ action then you just define the ‘data to send’ as being the specific skill you want to send (i.e. the parent group’s Skill, RG’s current cell’s skill, or a search for a specific Skill etc.).

If you’re using a link, or navigating to an external URL, then you can use Get Data From URL to read the path parameter from the URL and set the page content that way (be sure to include the relevant path in the link or URL).

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@adamhholmes Thank you so much for replying. In both cases I understand how to send a parameter on click. But how do I define on a SKILL Page that parameter? Do you get my question?

But how do I define on a SKILL Page that parameter? Do you get my question?

You don’t need to - if the page has a content-type defined (i.e. Skill) it will automatically load the data (the SKILL) that’s been sent to it (technically it will get the data from the URL path).

If it’s not working then there a number of possibilities, such as issues with privacy rules, or the way you’re referencing the page data in your elements - but without knowing more about your page set up it’s impossible to say what exactly.

Or are you asking how to send data of a different datatype to a page - i.e. you’re trying to send specific Skill data to a page that doesn’t have Skill as its content-type?

Refer to a screenshot N1. When user clicks on an image (In Database this image is under datatype SKILL. called SKILL_IMAGE) user is redirected to Skill Page. Below is Skill Page as screenshot N2. On the left hand side I want to display the SKILL_NAME and below in the repeated list group I want to display LESSONS. LESSONS and SKILLS are related in the DATABASE.

screenshot 1

screenshot 2*

Right, ok, I understand what you’re trying to do…

What exactly is the issue you’re having?

You’re not able to display the data correctly on the Skills page?

If the data is not displaying correctly, then either the datasources for the RG are not set up correctly, the date isn’t set up correctly in the database, the data hasn’t been sent to the page in question, or perhaps there are privacy rules preventing things from being displayed.

From the image you posted above, the Skill name is displaying correctly on the page, so it looks like the Skill data is being sent correctly.

So my guess is that either there’s a database structure issue, or privacy rules need looking at.

Without knowing more I can’t be more specific that that - so feel free to post some screenshots of your DB setup and page elements etc.

Oh no the screens above are from Adobe XD file, it’s just a prototype. Don’t pay attention to its content.

So from the initial page when user clicks on skill image I send this data:

As shown above in screenshot 2, based on this click I should display SKILL_NAME as a title of the left hand group. And I should display all the lessons in that have the same SKILL_NAME in their Data Type connected. Is this clear? Here’s an image how I try to retrieve the data on SKILL PAGE:

Either I’m ding something wrong in here or I need to revise my database…

Ok, yes you’re doing it wrong here…

If you’re sending data to the page through a navigation action (which you are) there’s no need to get data from the URL on the page (that won’t work the way you’re trying to do it). The page will load the data automatically.

You just need to refer to the page’s data.

So, for your text for the skill name, in the text box dynamic data put current page's Skill's Skill Name

The same will apply for your repeating group - set the datasource to refer to the current page’s skill, and the texts inside the RG cells should refer to the current cell (not the URL data - the data you’re trying to get won’t be in the URL)

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I can’t thank you enough @adamhholmes I’ve been trying to figure this stupid thing all day. Literally. 1 am now. Going to sleep happy as a kid. THANK YOU!

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