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Load page only when data exists in DB

Hi All!

I am building an application where the user has an option to check and manage his existing booking. (Prior to this he made a reservation and he has an existing/valid/active Booking_ID in the DB).
On the page “login_my_booking” he gives his Booking_ID and mail address then he clicks on a button “Login”. I would like to set up the system to take him to the next page “manage_my_booking” but only in the case there is an existing = “Booking_ID” in the DB. If not, I want the system to display a message: “Sorry the given Booking ID doesn’t exists or the Booking ID doesn’t much the mail address.” I guess I set up the right conditions for this, but the page is loading even if the Booking_ID doesn’t exists.

What is wrong? Please help!

Hi @vflorian19,

I think you want something more like this…

To trigger your alert, perform the search and do this if the count is zero:

To perform the navigation, perform the search and do this if the count > zero:

You were evaluating the Booking_ID from the URL, but that doesn’t happen until the goto page is executed. You just need to evaluate the input box instead.


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Ken Truesdale

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Thank you. That was quite helpful.