Load speed is very slow

Hi guys,

My index page load speed is shockingly slow, even though I’ve optimised my datasets, there are only two repeating groups, no nested query, no advanced filter… google lighthouse gave me loads codes that are delaying the rendering, but they all seem to be bubble in-built code?

Appreciate any advice!

Web is: www.kodamatravel.com

Thank you!

It looks like you do 6 API calls on page load (four to a currency conversion API, one to search activities and some to get images). They shouldn’t be affecting page load speed that much, but I would:

  1. Get rid of that full page loader
  2. Ensure images are compressed using imgx

I bet your page isn’t that slow, it’s just your loader animation makes it feel really, really slow.

Thanks for this! my result on google lighthouse is an all mighty 39%… i just updated all image to webp format and they are compressed using imgx too.

Lighthouse recommended action are mainly related to reducing render block resource, which I don’t think I can do much to influence this?

My hero section load time metric is really low, but the image is not huge and is compressed to webp format as well… (I tried to remove the background image to see if it does anything at all, and it doesn’t really impact any metric).

All the trips and images are stored in the database, but i guess it is searching using repeat group that is slow?

when you say compressed using imgx, is that the best way to compress images?

i currently use croppie to compress images and save them in webp format to the database. would it also be beneficial to process images with imgx on page load?

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