Load tests of CORS enabled Image plugin

Hi folks!
I’m building a CORS-enabled plugin that can crop images on Safari, both locally stored and hosted on the web. This implies CORS proxy behind the scenes and it needs some load testing to check if this idea is sustainable, so if you’re browsing the forum for fun, please make a couple of clicks :slight_smile: .
It is generally close to completion and before approaching to authoring documentation I’d appreciate your feedback here. So, I invite you to play with the plugin on this test page.
There are several buttons on that page. First row of them set image source to some test pictures:

  • Grid - a grid picture with a red square used to test various aspects of zoom behaviour, hosted on bubble’s S3. S3 only provides Access-Control-Allow-Origin * header and this makes this plugin fall back to CORS proxy on Safari. Other browsers are expected to work with the original source.
  • Nebula - A Nebula Dust photo from James Webb Telescope hosted at some cdn server (probably NASA’s) that does not provide required CORS headers in response, so the plugin should fall back to CORS proxy when trying to crop or upload it.
  • WR 124 - Merrill’s Star photo from James Webb Telescope hosted at bubble’s S3
  • Nature - a photo from Pexsels by Agustin Jo, hosted on their CDN
  • Empty - clears up source to empty value

Second row are action buttons:

  • Crop - crops image to currently visible region and sets Source field to data:image URL
  • Upload - uploads current image to Bubble and updates Source field
  • Reset - resets zoom and position to inial (empty) values - this means that image will be positioned according to alignments and object-fit specified in fields
  • Popup - a test button showing Bubble’s built-in popup with an image, used to test that delayed initialization is working.

The settings panel next to the image provides all the settings available, feel free to break them all :slight_smile: .

Wow, that’s became unexpectedly long read, sorry. But thank you if you’re still here and looking forward for your feedback!

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