Load Times In Development Mode & ZeroQode Templates

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Purchased some of your templates back in December but have been away and only started to work on then now

With the Product Upvoting Template, I can see there is a sufficient delay of upto 5-10 seconds to load the feed in Development Mode (Not tried it yet in Live Mode as on FREE PLAN)

Is this an issue with the way the database is set up or other? Even if i try and login until the homepage loads all the page it does not allow me to see the login page


Hi there,
thanks for posting this.
There are few things to consider here:

  1. apps in live mode get cached and that improves the speed, while the don’t have that in development mode
  2. We used basic “do a search for” operation to retrieve records in a repeating group because it’s easier to understand and modify, however it can be replaced to query the same data inside Bubble using API query doing some filtering and data limiting so that it significantly increases the speed. It’s a more complicated way of structuring the data retrieval but if the performance is affected it can be implemented.
  3. There are many other ways to optimize app performance which are a bit more technical to implement and we didn’t want to make the template more complex than necessary for the entry level.
    Hope this helps
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Thanks Levon, ill take a look into the API do a search for implementation. if you have any references for this would help thanks

sure, check this out https://bubble.io/reference#API.get_api