LOADERR: Load JavaScript Libraries Plugin

I just wanted to finish this topic by pointing out my solution to the issue.

The present API implementation doesn’t allow for a reconfigure after loading, so that’s out of the questions. I reached out to NMI Developers and they assured me this could be implemented, but no promises here.

I decided to switch my current State approach with a URL Parameter approach. That allows me to now refresh screen and activate the API script upon page load via Bubble Workflow. It’s not the best UX I can get, but it works at the moment.

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hey @keith
first of all, thx for all your contribution here. it has helped me greatly!
i was searching for a way to defer js that are on plugins that i have already installed. do you know how one could do that in bubble?
there are some plugins that are slowing down de first load of the page and i would appreciate to trigger them only when page is loaded above fold…

thx in advance!

@vizinhotop.adm well, element plugins will only execute their code if they are visible on page, so there’s that. Though note that that may (or may not) cause issues with external (header) scripts they might load.

As in all things, the devil is in the detail. What, specifically, are you having a problem with? Note that plugin code is just part of the package for your page and, if you’re gonna use it, you gotta load it sometime.

Note that not every (by which I mean nearly all) Bubble plugin is constructed properly and it’s true that a plugin that relies on some huge external dependency may block page rendering, which is why for any of my plugins that use external scripts those scripts are loaded with the defer flag set, so that they don’t render-block.