Loading Bar problem

Hi, i have a Personal plan account in bubble

also have an option when a user click a button it will deduct a points

option 1 = 100 [button] (when click minus 100 points)
option 2 = 200 [button] (when click minus 200 points)

i notice that there’s a loading bar above everytime they hit or click a button so if a user hit the 100 button then it will have a loading bar then hit the 200 button before the loading bar finish, after the loading bar it will only deduct the first button clicked which is 100 instead of deducting 300 total points since they click 100 and 200 buttons

what i need to do to prevent this? or make sure that even they click so fast it will deduct the total points based on the buttons they click?

up for this

Quickest thing I can think of is to disable both buttons as the first step of the workflow, then re-enable them after a manually-set delay. This might help prevent them from clicking before the loading is done.

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