Loading .csv files to database in back office

Hi All,

Thank you so much for recent help on a few topics.

Right now am moving data from old db to new. The new one being at bubble.io the old being wordpress so doing by .csv. Two questions for csv import at bubble.io:

i) is it possible to not only add new record but if already exists to overwrite or merge existing data. I was finding it created duplicate even where had the primary field value. There is not the possibility as far as I see to include unique ID in import which might be a way to show it is same data.

ii) I have a user record which links to a profile record whioh links to other records like staff. I have not found a way to create the link with csv file so right now for example upload 50 users to user db type, 50 profiles to profile db type, 100 staff to staff db type and then manually have to link all together one by one. As the amount of data is not very large it is doable but taking a few hours so wondered any ideas.

Thanks for this!