Loading icon into button on click


is there any way to replace the text inside of a button with a loader icon once it’s clicked and in the meantime make it unclikkable? both action just until when we get the answer from the server. It would be useful for UX as visual response. I would use it for transition group-to-group (native) for example but it can be used anywhere.


Sure but you will need to ‘build’ your own button. Instead of a button, you use a goup and then use styles to make it look and behave like a button.

Then inside the group you put a loading spinner gif that becomes visible when the group is clicked through a custom state. You can then also create a custom state to make the group not clickable after it was clicked.

Hi Vicent,

how can i know when it has finished the request? I’m building a “native” app with group-to-group navigation, so no pages.

You could reset the button at the end of the workflow or you put another condition in that searching for the thing in the database and if found, releases the button?

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