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When not cached, my app takes 20+ seconds to load in Chrome on Windows 10.
With just a white screen showing, the only indication that the app is busy loading is the favicon animation (progress ring) which is easy to miss and new users will say the app is slow (which it’s not - but only after caching). It’s just the initial load that frustrates my users.
It would be fantastic if a customisable “Alert type” message could be displayed until the app is loaded.
Thanks, Mark.

You can create customised loading screens.

You just need to show it straight away and let the rest of the page render behind it before you hide it.


Many thanks @equibodyapp.
That makes sense.
I’ll do that.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

I found this page helpful for setting up different loading icons and animations
Not sure if it’s only for Airdev templates though


Just so everyone knows how to get this loading element. It’s not built into Bubble natively. You must add this plugin to access it: Canvas UI Elements Plugin | Bubble

Hope that helps! :blush:


For All Your No-Code Education Needs:


I would be curious to see if we can get that loading time down. 20+ seconds sounds excessive.

Have you ever read Petter Amlie’s book on Bubble performance and his thread on reusables? It helped me tremendously. The reusables bit helped me completely change the way I build.

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Hi Rico
Thanks for your suggestion.
Yes, I read (browsed) Petter’s book but my position is that I’m a year into the development of quite a complex app and going back and making wholesale changes is not possible.
Strangely enough, all I did was clean up unused plugins and I have noticed a dramatic improvement.
What used to have the progress wheel around the favicon in the browser tab spinning (in chrome) anti-clockwise for up to 15+ seconds then clockwise for 5+ seconds before the screen loaded no longer happens. It’s now like 3+ seconds anti then clockwise for 1+ seconds before the screen loaded).
I don’t believe it’s due to caching because I tried on FF, incognito, clearing cache and the excessive load time is no more.
I’m going to chalk it up to cleaning up unused plugins, but that’s just a guess.
Regards, Mark.


Thanks @J805 and @dann9 this will come in very useful :+1:

Wow, that’s a huge change! How many plugins did you remove? Do you remember which one made the biggest impact?

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Agree. Something was making it run like a dog and I’m not sure exactly what it was because I only removed one plugin.
I won’t name the plugin because it will likely hurt the creator and I am not sure that’s the reason.

Was it my calendar plugin? :rofl: @marksrunge

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Hi Jared
Absolutely not.
Your plugin saved my bacon :sweat_smile:
Stay safe!

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Glad to hear it! It’s a kinda “heavy” plugin so I always have worried about that.

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