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Loading time of webpages

I have looked in the Showcase section and almost all websites have some kind of delay in loading images and data from some sections. Can the loading speed be optimized buying instances and upgrading account?

I see so many topics on loading issues and haven’t seen an answer yet or might have overlooked it.

It’s hard to say what’s going on with the websites but the only case in which they would be sped up by by paying more is if they have the traffic they receive outweighs the storage space they pay for.

Although I believe most loading delays are due to the image size or the method in which they structured that specific page.

If you give the specific websites and instances where you notice this, it might make it easier to determine what’s going on.

Well actually all pages behavs the same. is there no option to NOT reload header or some elements while navigating through the websites?

So the speed can be improved by buying instances? I want to know this before eventually creating my MVP.

PS: i love how simple and powerful Bubble can be and hope to get some insight on speed issues

You can design all of your app on one page and that eliminates the need to reload the header or anything else you want to keep on screen. It can fill just like a native IOS or android app. It’s just much more complex when you design this way. Totally worth the effort though.

When your designing the app, that is likely the speed its going to be as you scale up. The only time it’s slowed is when your traffic outweighs what you pay. The main factor is the site feeling slow is how you design it and what elements are display. Bubble sites can be just as fast as any sites in most situations.
The only issues with performance I’ve heard about is when you perform complex search on your database. I haven’t been in a situation to notice this though.

There are a lot of topics in this forum about performance issues, various fixes and workarounds and tradeoffs including single page apps.

Perhaps you can contribute by making an index of the most useful posts and topics, from your research.

To get you started, here is a suggested search:

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