Loading won't stop when workflow is triggered

Hello I have a button called (load tts) that takes text from a repeating group and turns it into a text to speech audio file into another repeating group. It was working fine yesterday when I created it but now it is not working. When I click the button now the page starts to load which never happened before. On top of that the page loading progress moves slowly across the screen and stops right before completion which does not allow the workflow to occur. On top of this my workload usage has spiked so this is using a lot of data clearly. Do you know what is going wrong that is causing this workflow error? I included all of the workflow functions and took pictures of the loading bar on my page. I would appreciate any help in solving this issue and possibly causing this workflow to use less data.

It looks like you have an infinite loop from the repeating group refreshing before all TTS conversions are finished.

I just deleted the loop part of it. It is working now however now another problem is persisting. There are a lot of buttons on this page with workflows attached to them. After I click about 2-3 of the buttons the loading error comes back again. I click the button and the page starts to load and never stops loading. Do you know what this could be from?

You need to move some of your logic to backend workflows.

I’ve been trying to create backend/api workflows but I am having difficulties because almost all of the actions use on page elements and inputs. Do you know any other way to fix this loading error? It keeps on occurring and I have been trying to fix it all day today.