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Local file or database storage


I am a newbie here. How do I create a text entry box (data type: text) for users in the first page where the text inputted will be saved into favourites in a local file/database?

The output of the entry (upon hitting submit) will be displayed in a second page with a pre-designed layout.

The saved favourites in the firsts page should be retrievable and upon selection of a pre-saved favourite, the ouput can be shown on the second page.

E.g. I want user to key in a nick name on the first page. The nick name which they keyed will/can be saved into favourites and displayed on second page (with pre-designed layout). The nick saved can also be retrieved on the first page ( from a local file/database) and ouput on the same second page.

I do not need user to log in as the simple app will be used by one person only.

You can save this item in the database in a “Temporary” file and save the id of that table in some element reuse that id to pull the previous table with the data.

I did something like this in a video, it’s in portuguese but maybe it will help you.