Location services are not always available

My app uses location to functions, all essentials setup are done for that but the problem is that 60% of the time it works great but 40% time it didn’t work at all.
i also have a search address element and it also works when location services are available.
I checked the google maps console and its keys but all are fine, also checked the F12 debugger but no issue found there.

Hey @siddharth

Thanks for the post! And, sorry for the trouble with this. Google keys would definitely be my first look as well, but if you aren’t seeing errors in the console, then you’re right that it might not be a key issue.

It might be best to submit a bug report for this so we can take a closer look with all pertinent details. It’s possible that if you mean ‘user location’ when you say your app uses location, that 40% of your users have that feature turned off in their browser. If this is the case, it might make sense to better handle scenarios where you aren’t getting a definitive location by conditionally stopping those features and allowing a user to manually enter a location instead. Or, showing a message to alert the user that location is vital to the app’s experience…

Ultimately, consider submitting the bug report and we’d be happy to dig in from there. And of course, you’re welcome to email us directly at Support@bubble.io

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Thanks for the info :blush:
But I am the only user (testing as dev) using the app as its not released,
Of course I will send the report, (as i am writhing this the app location service is good but 3 hrs ago the problem shown up and lasted for 40 mins).

Thanks a lot

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