Lock screen orientation

Is there a way to prevent the screen from rotating during use on a phone? When using floating navigation groups attached to the bottom of the page, the groups migrate up when the keyboard is opened in chrome covering the majority of the screen. I would like to attach the floating groups to the top to avoid this issue (e.g., have the keyboard pop up over the navigation group), but then if the user goes to landscape the navigation group would disappear because it is below the length of the page and therefore the user can no longer navigate the page. Anybody have ideas?


Hey there,

Get a coder with some time to create a plug in for this. I’m sure it’s a small note to add to your header.

In landscape, just build another keyboard from scratch… (we don’t need to use the phone’s keyboard, amirite!?! :smiley: ) I totally hear you about the landscape keyboard creeping up and messing with your stuff.

If you can’t lock, make a notice to users when in landscape orientation to say, “Please view in portrait”.

Happy Bubblin!