Locking payments until condition is met


I am creating a raffle website with the following workflow.

  1. User ‘A’ creates raffle
  2. User ‘B’ buys credits
  3. User ‘C’ enters raffle swapping credits for entries (goes through into an entries table)
  4. Admin mark raffle as completed when user ‘A’ and ‘B’ both complete a form to confirm the item has been sent

I need a method that only allows user ‘A’ to either claim or be sent money once the admin check has been complete. I have looked at Stripe check out but cant get this to work with the admin logic in place (ideally this would be the best option as user ‘A’ can claim their funds direct.

Alternatively admin will pay user ‘A’ when the checks have been complete but not sure how this would work if user ‘A’ has multiple raffles in different stages of completion.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

Well you need Stripe connect with the buyer, seller, and admin platform fee if there is one. Then when Raffle data type ‘verified’ is yes, display a button that allows a user to run a Payout API call

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