Log In Asks to Create a New Stong Password

Anyone know why when I try to log in using the standard bubble login popup that it asks me to create a password each time. Instead of understanding that i already made a password with the username and saving it.

It acts as if i am creating a new user and wants to suggest a password each time. Kind of annoying. Anyone else have this problem when using the standard bubble login popup? Anyone know how to fix that? Or do i need to recreate my own login popup from scratch to get rid of it?


Just in case anyone wants to know how I solved this…

I had to make the default value to the custom state as login but also I had to change the initial visibility on the page to show login on page load instead of showing the signup by default and then changing to login on page load.

It works better now. I like it defaulting to login instead of signup. Just nicer UX for the users.

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Bump! Thanks this worked!!

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@J805 Is this still the fix for this?
Basically showing login first?

@chaddickson83 I actually prefer to have two different pages. One for login and one for signup. Then it works nicer.

Some of my apps just use the magic link login instead of a password so it doesn’t matter on those ones.

So it’s really up to you. :blush: