Log in with Google, is there a way to speed up the load after?

Not sure what subject to write for this so easier to explain here! We have a Login with Google button on the index page that when pressed runs the workflow “Signup/Login with Social” and uses Google, with Step 2 being “Navigate to the Home page”. It works fine, but when you press it and the Google login screen appears, once you pick your Google account, it then goes back to the index screen for maybe 2-3 seconds while it loads, before it then navigates to the Home page. It’s not a huge deal, but it almost appears like your Google log in didn’t work, being that it just shows the login page again. Are there any tips or things I can do, such as even having it greyed out or showing a spinning gear type thing instead of just the login page with the small progress bar going across the top?

Make a do when page url contains scope condition and show a loader - that’s the only way I could fix it.

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