Log Out Button Not Clickable - Hopefully Simple Fix

Hi, Hoping for a simple fix here.
The Log Out button in my manage account group isn’t clickable.
The My Account button works fine.
I added into the Workflow “When Button Log Out is clicked > Log User Out”


Hi there, @jones.joshua.d… a thought that comes to mind is that the system is actually logging the user out, but you may not necessarily have any indication of the log out because you aren’t doing anything after the user is logged out. Try adding another step to the workflow that, say, navigates the user back to the index page when they are logged out, and see if that works.

Another thought is that if the button is truly not clickable, there might be something blocking it. So, try right-clicking on the element in the editor and bringing it to the front.


Thanks Mike - this was ultimately the source. I had added some space below my header so a Manage Account Group would popup (my profile, log out etc) – but the H1 Title page section was overlapping. I made a few tweaks to how all the elements overlap and its working now. Appreciate it!

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