Log out of social

I’ve got an API working in oauth0 user-agent flow and login works fine.
The workflow for “log the user out” however only logs them out of bubble app, not the social provider.
So when you click login, you’re not asked for username and password, this renders “log out” functionality essentially useless.
What is the proper way of logging users out?

You’re using auth0?

Perhaps this:


Or you’re using something else?

Correct, I’m using auth0.
It’s not very clear how to trigger this from bubble. At the moment I’m just using “open external website” plugin and redirecting the user to the auth0 logout URL manually. I tried using the logout endpoint as a data API call, but it looks like they don’t allow this, due to CORS restrictions.

Should work in the api connector set as an action. Have you tried this?

No, that doesn’t work. Actions are called on the bubble server, this needs to be run on the client.

Maybe I can do a separate API just for logout. Going to give it a shot

Nope. The moment you select “action” instead of “data” the option of making a call from the browser is disabled