Log user with social network

i have a log in user with several social network and they get logged in, (different users) but in my database i see only one user, the one that logs with facebook, and it runs as the user for all other login.
why is that please?

Refresh the page, it make no sense not having all logged in. Still having the problem?

Everything was working fine for all users last time I checked. This mess happened after I changed user type from unique Id to email based on the suggestion someone gave on a post concerning LinkedIn. I have refresh the page same thing. I might have to delete the logging work flow and set it up all over again. What you think?

Sometime, some javascript become corrupted, and recreate the thing fix it. Sound’s good :wink:

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I guess that’s what happened. I ll update when I get it working. Thanks a lot

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It sounds like you forgot to log out as that user when you started to connect all the other social networks to his account, hence you ended up only having one user.

Do it all again, with the following sequence:

  1. Sign user up (not via social networks, but with the standard bubble sign up form)
  2. Connect his account to social network of your liking
  3. Log Out
  4. Repeat points 1-3 for the new user
  5. Check the DB to confirm different users are being created
  6. Profit!

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