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Logged Time Total

I’ve created a stopwatch using date and time stopwatch plug-in to create logged hours. The issue I am have if is when I try to total the logged times from the stopwatch

logged hours sum : logged minutes sum : logged seconds sum

It is not converting to total as a time but is converting the logged time in numbers so when there are seconds being totalled it doesn’t stop at 60 seconds for example if I have 4 time logs of 20 seconds it’s totalling as 80 seconds (0:0:80) rather then a minute and 20 seconds (0:1:20)

How to I make it so when It hits 60 seconds it converts to one minute in order to display the total as a logical time total.

Appreciate any help thanks!!

The better would be to do logged time sum : formatted as HH : MM : ss

This ensures you add all the logged time and then you can show in the required format.

Thanks would you be able to show the expression and how to setup the data types/fields for it because right now I have a logged times type with hours minutes and seconds as fields so how to I convert those into a total logged time.

In current data architecture, try the following:

That ended up working perfectly!! thanks @animisha45

Couple follow up questions.

  1. At the moment it displays as h:m:s how to I convert that to hh:mm:ss
  2. I am then wanting to be able to convert the time into a single number i.e. 2:10:33 is 2.1758hr in order to be able to do calculations on the number like hourly pay and other deductions. is there a certain expression I could use for that?