Logging users in with external DB user info

Hi all,
A client of mine asked me to create a web app that takes its data from an existing external database. This db already have many users account. The db is exploited by other software. The thing is that my client doesn’t want his users having to create a Bubble account to access their already created account in the db.

I know that Bubble is built to have its own users. But I thought a workaround would be to have a open web app (no user) that will show it’s data only if the user entered a username + password that match informations in the external db.

If it can work, then what would be the best approach to read an encrypted password from that DB to compare it to the password input without compromising security?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Does the external app have any security sharing capabilities ?

It’s really just the external database that I can access. I don’t know what the other software is nor can I access it.