Logic Conditions

Hi Everyone,

I am new to bubble can you help me with some of my Query asked below for creating form.

1) I want to create a logic form where dropdown values are selected the Hide / show other fields.
for eg: if “Select Beneficiary” value count is selected from Drop-down as number “1”
then Hide hightlighted field as shown below, i.e hide Beneficiary 2 Name, Age, Gender, Beneficiary 3 Name, Age, Gender, Beneficiary 4 Name, Age, Gender and Beneficiary 5 Name, Age, Gender

Similarly for another options give me for 1 i will check with another.

2) Mobile Number Validation with OTP
In-dept details: Visitor / Customer will enter mobile number and Click on Send OTP automatically send an OTP then an field will popup with for OTP Code and Once entered properly then it will show as verified.

3) Data Submition with Email and SMS.
In-dept details: Customer fills form with Email address after submission customer will receive an Email and SMS. Also Send another Email to Me.

It will be so helpful if any one could help me with my Query.
Thank you for your efforts in advance.

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