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Logical OR in database search

Hi - this seems like a really basic question, but I can’t find the answer…

In a database search (‘Search for’) - I can do an AND on a field by creating multiple constraints - e.g. CONSTRAINT 1: myfield contains ‘x’
CONSTRAINT 2: myfield contains ‘y’
…will find all records where myfield contains both x AND y

How do I do an OR though?

Use case is - a table/datatype has a field ‘type’
I want to find all records with type a OR b OR c

Thanks for any help!


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@kosten welcome to the forum.
You can do “OR constraints” by merging the results of two or more Do searches.
See this post

Or you can do an advanced search … which allows you to construct ORs

Thanks for the answers guys - really helpful!

What is an “Advanced Search”?

I meant Advanced Filter.

Add a filter and scroll to the bottom and choose Advanced.

In other words:

Do a search for xyz: filtered

Than in your constraint you will find the “advanced” option. Inside it you can build an OR expression, something I didn’t know about until now. Thanks @NigelG!

It is available only under the :filtered search.

merge with.