Login cant find user in system even though they are there!

Hello, bubblers!

I have a problem happening on one of the platforms we are working on where the user’s credentials are not being found.

It is strange coz some of the users have been able to login for months now but all of a sudden, they can’t login.

When we use a workflow to assign a temp password it lets them login for some reason.

We did change the platform over to app.domain.com a month ago but I don’t think that is the problem.

Has anyone encountered this before?

Only when the users actually put in .comr or .cm instead of .com and they can not login

In terms of your change of domain name, was it just simply changing the custom domain in the same app?

Had your users ever updated their own passwords and were logging in through the traditional manner of username and password or are you continuing to send links for them to login?

Just a change of domain from www to app.

They have always logged in via email and password but they admins have a assign temp password function they use

You should test by signing up and see if you can then login as a user normally would. Then test by creating a user and sending the link for them to login for first time…if both are working, then the issue may be related to just the old users.

Then I’d test by having an old user request a password reset link…if that fails to find the user, then I’d report to Bubble the bug that the users of your app are not found, only after verifying you don’t privacy rules affecting things for users.

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