Login dilemma for messaging


In order to send a message to a tutor on my marketplace, the user needs to be logged in. So my current setup is that if a user clicks on the “contact tutor” button (see below) and they are logged in they will get a popup window where they can type the message.

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 12.16.13

If the user is NOT logged in, they are sent to the login page.

After they then login they are currently being sent to their profile page. This is not ideal as they’ll have to go back and search for the tutor they already found to send their message.

How would one create a workflow that brings the user BACK to the tutor page after they have logged in?

Any help would be fantastic!

There’s a ‘go to previous page’ in the workflows navigation. Add this at the end of a login.

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Simple and easy! Thanks a mill @dylan.b.anderson :grinning: