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Login Error, Cannot find user

It looks like I may have altered something in my app to the point where the login feature no longer works properly.

As a simple operation, I created a login and sign up button on my homepage with email and password inputs. When I sign a user up, the account is created in the database, but when I try to login, I get an error that the users email cannot be found.

There are no data roles assigned, but I have added other fields to the user type that may have complicated things such as company, role and images.

I created a new app to see if it was a larger problem with bubble, but it works on a new app, but Im not sure how to test what is happening on my old one.

It would help if you could post a few screen shots.

Can you show us the workflow you use to create the user. Including a screenshot what data you are capturing from each element.

2nd, can you show a screen shot of the login workflow, and what elements you are pulling the data from.

And here is the workflow pics:

Here is one that shows the elements I’m pulling from for the login workflow.

To create the user I used the sign up action. It will create the user in the database:

Hmm… Can’t seem to figure it out looking at the screenshots. Question, Did you create the two users in your database by going through a workflow? Or by manually entering in the data?

Did you see my email pop up in the database? [email protected]?

I did find you email address in the data base. I can create accounts using the signup popup.

I have found that if I create a login and signup button on other pages it will work after all. It just doesnt work on the home page index for some reason…getting closer!

Strange, I thought that creating a new page and creating new login inputs would work, but now it is no longer working and shows the same error that it cant find the email of the user at login, even if I create a new page.