Login issue for 2 different users

We have created 2 types of databases and 2 types of login pages one for buyers and one for the seller

  • Buyer
  • Seller
    Issue: Login
    When the buyer logs in through the seller login page it logs him in and takes the buyer to the seller dashboard. We don’t want that to happen. It needs to show an error message.

You could do this on the Login button workflow

On the Buyer login for example, when the user enters their email and password to log in, log them in only if the User with the email they’ve entered is of type ‘Buyer’. You might also be able to send them to the Seller login page automatically in case the user type doesn’t match with the page’s expected User type.
Similarly on the Seller login page.

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Hi @kaustubh ,

You can do one thing in the workflow of your dashboard. You can create a page load event like the screenshots:


Note:(You have to state type in the database in order to differentiate).

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