Login Issues on Live

Experiencing some strange issues, have reached out to support but wanted to see if anyone else is seeing this…, I cannot push to live in this current state. It’s a very strange issue. I make a push from Main to Live. I have implemented a short 2FA via email flow in the development version of the app which works well. However, when I push to live in the debugger step-by-step it looks like its somehow not passing the Current user’s email into the login flow… the first step in the workflow is log the user in (in the background) then it shows them a popup for the user to enter the code that was emailed. Since the email from the logged in user is not being passed, the actual email with the code is errored (no email address to send it too)…This makes no sense and things work fine on Main. I am definitely working with live credentials on live as well. The privacy rules have been updated on main but is there a chance the push is not complete or something and blocking the passing of the current user’s email? SO weird cause this does not happen on Main. This is a prod issue only. Have rolled back to this morning versions for safety.

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