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Login-like directly in URL Need a few lessons


I need help for creating a login-like user. I want to build about 100 users which will allow me to display data based on the Current User, however many sessions and different people must access as this user. Each person receives a URL which needs to log in automatically based on URL parameters so on the site workflow I can always change and display data based on Current User. I would like to know if this is posible with the get? parameter function or any other functionality in Bubble…

Users will not modify/delete data, only view depending on their user.

I am trying to find anyone that can help me build this and/or give me a few lessons (Skype, etc). I am able to spend some moeny for it.

Thank you very much!
Spanish, English, French…

There’s a tutorial at that allows you to do just that. Look under the Videos section.

Hi Albert
I am the founder of BubbleWits - a bubble certified partner. I could help you build the app or give you a few lessons. I do that from time to time. Please check this thread of mine - Reach out if you need help creating something on Bubble
Please let me know if you are interested.

@levon i’m interested in some lessons! whats something like that run?