Login Not Required for Guests

I am using User for members of my organization since login is required for them, but I also want to allow guests to interact with the app without logging in. Does that mean I need to create another data type specifically for guests since User requires login credentials?

Do you know that there are conditions “current user is logged in” and “current user is logged out”?
Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 11.09.35

So you can manage what to show and for both types of users.

Yes, I am aware of those. That is not what I am having issues with.

Ideally, I want to put both members and guests under Users, but if I do Sign the user up, it requires an email and a password. Guests should not be required to provide an email or a password to use my app. But if I use Create a new thing, User does not show up as an option to create. That’s why I am thinking I need to create a separate data type for guests.

I don’t know the type of an app you are building, so what’s the reason to create and manage “guests”?

Members are able to do things that guests cannot do, but guests should still be able to make purchases without creating an account which requires a password.