Login page control

i want to make a login page only for my custumer.
i want to creer a acount to my data base ans after send to mail all information to login to my app only without sign in
I never see nothing about that can you help me please.

I think you are not clear

it’s so simple. i want my customers to connect to my application only with the Login page. i don’t want registration with email confirmation. I want to provide my customers with access with a password that I create and send back to them by email.
Or should I define a personalized url address for each customer? if you have an idea :slight_smile:

If you want them to login then definitely they should have an account in your platform. You may choose to create an account for them if you have their email and send a password to them.

Thanks @paulronoh2019
It is possible to give a different URL for each custumer (as this exemple: https://CustumerName. Topic Related Searching at NAMESERVER.COM. )

Yeah its possible to specify a URL to a user using the “set a thing’s slug”. You should try it.

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