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Hey there!

I have 2 questions today.

I am building a platform for a students where they can order their school shirts together, but pay individually. Currently when the teacher or responsible student creates a user and a class/group my workflow will automaticallyt create a User and a Schoolclass. i have made a field in the schoolclass called ID. The workflow automatically generates a 5 character random string, i chose this because the unique ID is very long. This works fine but here comes the questions.

  1. How do i ensure that the ID that bubble generates is Unique, so i can avoid that 2 school classes suddenly have same “ID” - The data displayed on the page is depending on that id.

  2. How can i make a login page for the students called e.g mydomain.com/VAEE8(random string) - Which directs them to a register page where they will automatically be assigned the school id or the extension in other words?

After readin a bit, i concluded that i need to work with the website parameters. But i cant figure out the logic…

Hey @balle.emil

  1. To make sure you don’t have duplicate random IDs, I would suggest reading this: Creating random unique IDs that do not duplicate

Although if you don’t have that many School classes, having a 5 digits ID (including numbers, lowercase and uppercase) gives you extremely low (close to 0%) odds of having duplicates IDs. So I wouldn’t worry to much tbh

  1. You would need to play around with a mix of Get data from page URL as well as custom URLs configuration. I suggest you watch this video where you should get all the info you need

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