Login redirect after login

When a user accesses a page that requires login, he is directed to enter a login and password.

How to redirect this user to the page where he was and was asked to login after logging in.

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Drop a workflow on the page that is “when user logged in” go to page dynamic page.

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I did not find the dynamic page option to direct the user.

How to make?

Can’t you just use ‘Go To Previous Page’ for this…

If not, then you’ll have to use a URL parameter to define what page to go to after logging in.

Hi @dirceuazevedo,
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You need to create your own app route and convert your app into a Single Page Application (SPA). This will make it easier to maintain which pages require authentication or not. This setup can be achieved through option set.

you can define each page setting.


Are you familiar with route system on SPA?
you can implement it using Option Set.

I will get back to you with example.

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