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I am using this to start making cads and I am getting my shape stretch for some reason. You can see what I mean in the screenshots.

Login Editor - https://prnt.sc/ntex56
Login Preview - https://prnt.sc/ntexay

Register Editor - https://prnt.sc/ntexiz
Register Preview - https://prnt.sc/ntexl9

Answer: I got it now I went into edit and turn on make this element fixed width

@Anisify Welcome to the forums.

The element is not fixed width. It trys to be responsive.

You can either:
a. Set it fixed width in the propertys of the group element
b. Go to the responsive builder (top left) and set it to a max width while strechted (e.g. 100%)

The responsive tutorial from bubble may help additionally. :slight_smile:

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