Login session has changed/expired...please try again

I’ve created a page with a small form to capture website user (not logged in) details and email them to a registered user. The page is configured to use in an iframe via 3rd party sites with a registered company parameter so the email is sent to the company’s enquiry manager.

The page works as required on desktop both via the host site (www.lendcity.co.uk/version-test) and via 3rd party sites (eg: www.blueharbour.co.uk/version-test).
It works as required when accessed on mobile (ios) via the host site .
However, when accessed on mobile (ios) via 3rd party sites, it gets the error message “Login session has changed/expired…please try again”.

I can see this is caused by the ‘send email’ workflow element - the rest of the workflow works in all these scenarios

Does anyone have any ideas how to handle this - is it an ios ‘feature’, or bubble bug or something else I can control?



I logged this as a bug, and for reference it’s a known issue with ios. The known issues page says:
“Safari 13 prevents any 3rd party cookies from going to iframe requests. Because of this, if your Bubble app is running in an iframe, the bubble client will start workflows as the uid of the user that was attributed to it, but will register as no_user server-side, due to the lack of cookies. The mismatch will unfortunately prevent any workflow from running successfully”

See Limitations & Known Issues - Bubble Docs.

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Nice work Bruce, but I noticed there’s also an additional part to the help section:

" As a workaround, set “Do not set cookies on new visitors by default” in Settings > General > Privacy & Security, so that both server and client know that this is an anonymous user."

Bubblers reading this should follow Bruce’s link above to the Bubble Documentation to see if this is still relevant/accurate (posted June 2021).

I can verify the Do Not Set Cookies method works - cheers Bubble Team!

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Wow this fixed all my issues lol. Can confirm this is still a great solution for 2023, thank you!