Login/Signup as popups vs. separate pages

Good morning all,

Maybe a naive question, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on having the sign up / log in forms as a popup vs. separate pages. It seems like all web-based software (take airtable, dropbox, google, anything as example) out there use individual pages (but they are not using Bubble to build their apps) and never have I seen a popup. I guess it not a UI question.

Are there any security risks/concern that need to be taken into consideration?


There aren’t any security risks for popups vs. individual pages. Ultimately, it just comes down to how you want to design it.

For individual pages, on your in app pages, when the current user is logged out, you’d send them to the login page. Users can also bookmark the login page for quick access.

On popups, users couldn’t really bookmark a login page, so they’d bookmark the landing page and have to press login to see the popup. Also, if the current user is logged out (for in-app pages), you’d send them to most likely your landing page, instead of a login page.

So there are benefits to both really. Hope that helps! But again, no risk/security concerns.



Thanks very much. Very helpful. In the meantime, I have discovered that Pinterest doesn’t have separate login pages. My app has somewhat similar approach. Thanks again!