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Login/Timesheet/scan or record reciepts

I’m new to bubble and haven’t even started to create an app yet, i’d like some pointers on the following so i don’t end up making something that doesn’t work.
I’d like to create an app for my staff that allows them to register and sign in to create

  1. login
  2. Create time sheet with boxes for job number, hrs on site, brief description of job reg of van travelling in
  3. Request holiday
  4. scan or take photo of receipt
  5. log location

i’m fully aware that this is going to take me time but if i saves my company time in the long run i’d say its worth it.

Any guidance would be greatly recieved



Hi Adam,

Welcome to Bubble. The app you’ve outlined is entirely buildable in Bubble and shouldn’t be too difficult once you get familiar.

The only issue you’ll have is with scanning and taking pictures. You see, only ‘native’ apps (ones you download to your phone) have access to the phone on a camera, whereas Bubble apps just run in the phone browser.

One solution would be to get users to save photos on their laptop/PC and upload to the app from there.

Otherwise, you could use a service like to make your Bubble app into a native app, that would then have access to the camera/photo storage.

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Thank you Andrew, I’ll keep you posted of my progress.

Cheers Adam.

No worries, reach out if you get stuck.

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