Login User Page

Hello Bubble,
I am stuck on a seemingly easy task. I want to have a signup/login social media type website. I want to sign the user up, this should create a “new user” page, from here the user should be able to load pictures and content, etc…also when someone log’s in they should be directed to the afore mentioned page. I am so unbelievably stuck here. I have tried the login/sign up option provided I am totally fine using that, but i don’t know how to tell it to create a new user or when i try and login it doesn’t take me to a user/profile page.

I will be forever grateful for a solution.


Have you created a page for the user to navigate to?

Yes, but when i tell the login page to go to the same place it doesn’t, and it’s not creating a new user page, it is just sending everyone to the same page.

Create a field in the user table, “Profile”, make it is a yes/no field. Pass it a default no when the user sign up. Now on the navigate workflow add a condition that redirects to “fill profile page” when Profile is No and to user’s home page when profile is yes.

I am sorry, but is there anyway you could be more specific? Like “dummy” proof, I am getting lost somewhere and pulling my hair out.

It’d be best if you shared a link to your editor so we can see what you’ve tried so far. Just like any other form of programming, there are tons of ways to make things go wrong, so without seeing your specific setup, it’s hard to help.

Hi, I know this is a very old post but I recently needed to solve the same problem so just thought to post a solution. I am showing a Welcome popup after a user signs up to our site via SSO Google/etc. So to do this I created a field in the User table called NewUser where it’s default is set to “yes” when a new user signs up and is added to the User table. So then in the same workflow I check to see if the NewUser field is “yes” and if so then show the Welcome popup. Then the Welcome popup sets NewUser to “no” so the Welcome popup will not show on subsequent logins.