LogIn user without a password

Hello, everyone! I’m trying to make it possible to switch between accounts for the users, similar to Instagram, where you can navigate between them without any password. I would appreciate any help on this question. I’m trying to make it possible without using a magic link, any SMS with codes, etc. Thanks in advance!

I do something similar with a multi-tenant app, but I have the concept of ‘organizations’ that users can toggle between without having to logout/in.

For your case, I would think you’d have to create a field like ‘linked user accounts’ (list of users) on your users table. Then you’d need to build some safe way for them to create and associates multiple accounts with their main user account.

When they switch accounts, you can create a temporary password and log them in using that temp password.

Of course this can end up become a gigantic security problem depending on what else your app does.

Hey @nataliiakulagina , maybe use a DB that supports OAuth or token-based authentication like Xano

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