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Login via backend API needs a refresh?

Hi All,

I am trying to implement login through backend API with this as the reference: Reference | Bubble

My use-case is of implementing login via a third party (Firebase in my case) and then login the user in Bubble via an API call by passing firebase token.

As per the documentation it seems possible as you can see in the highlighted text in this screenshot.

This seems to be working fine. However, unfortunately, after the user logs in, the contents of the page do not automatically reflect that user has logged in. I need to refresh the page to make user appear logged in. In my case I want to avoid refreshing the page.

After long long discussion threads with Bubble support and making them understand the issue, they seem to conclude that “need to refresh” is expected behaviour. But they don’t seem to give a reason behind that, and it is not documented anywhere too.

Also, since it is a public API implementation, there is a bit of custom javascript code that I had to write to call the API and that is so untouchable for Bubble Support even though I have no other option really to call a public API.

You can try it out at (The page has buttons to log a user in and the box on the right shows user’s details and whether user is logged in)

There are two implementations I have tried.

  1. “Very simple login button”: This one calls the API via javascript call. This one works and logs the user in, but it requires a page refresh
  2. “Simple login via API connector”: Here I tried to call API via API connector to remove the custom code bit altogether as Bubble support insisted on it. This one doesn’t even logs the user in and not even Refresh works.

Has anyone worked on such a problem and found a solution? Also don’t you guys think that this need of Refresh is a bug?