Logout if user clicks outside window

in making a trivia site, we would want the user to get logged out if they click anywhere off of the browser window/tab. Obviously could still cheat with a phone or another computer, but at least copy-pasting would be harder.

How could I do that?

Also, is there a way to prevent text copy-pasting? Or is there a way to convert text to an image?

there is a free plugin called exit intent…it allows you to trigger workflow actions based on the user moving their cursor outside of the browser window…if the user were to place their cursor into the URL field, it will trigger the workflow event.

This may work for your situation.

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sounds perfect. I will return if there are questions

any ideas about halting copy paste or converting text to an image?

Maybe you should post another question in the forum for those topics…or search through the forum and see if you can find answers to the questions you have on those topics.