Logout user automatically

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hi the user has to logout automatically in 2 mins after that he should be navigated to the login page is that possible

You can create a new field in your user’s database called “Log time”.

After the user logs in, you can run a workflow to “Make a changes to Current User” and change the field “Log time” of this user to the current date/time.

And now you will keep checking, in every page, if the Current User's Log time + 2 minutes > Current data/time. If YES, you log the user out.

ok but i need a plugin for that

No, you don’t

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actually my requirement is using the plugin can u help me with that

No need to use a plugin @aravinddeverasetty20 . It’s a pretty simple workflow.

Also, as much as possible, don’t use plugins if you can do it natively in Bubble.

no i want to use a count down plugin can u help me

There are count down plugins, feel free to check them out

ok thak u but i already got the solution

if u can help me i have an another issue

i used a google login plugin. the issue is when the user forget his password he can login with the google account. when he is trying to login with the google account it should allow him into the app if the user has credential’s with the same mail id which is in the google account is this possible any one have a solution

Hello how are you? I have a very intuitive countdown plugin to use however you want. consider giving him one.

ok sure

could u help me with the above issue

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