Long ChatGPT prompts returning nil results?

Hello everyone,

Just seeking some assistance on an issue I’m having with the ChatGPT plugin. Specifically, while I’ve had a few successes in setting up completions that return results into a text element, my latest attempt keeps failing to return a result (but no errors are appearing). When I run it in preview, the space where the response usually turns up just says (empty).

After a bit of troubleshooting and through a process of elimination, I’ve narrowed the issue down, but not completely. Basically, I think it has something to do with the prompt itself, possibly the length. The prompt I’m trying to use is pretty long (770 words) because it includes examples. I’ve used long prompts successfully before in bubble, but a maximum of 300 words.

Does anyone know what could be going wrong here? Is it the prompt length? I know there is a token limit of around ~4000 for prompt + response, but 770 words is around 1000 tokens, so should still sit within the limit, right?

I’ve had the same issue, I think it could be that the API connector times out when waiting for a response for too long. I’d love to know how to get past this too.

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I heard bubble said something like that. But can’t find where it written down.