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Long time Pros Know why fixing a Bug would break a lot of other users apps?

I recently found a bug in the decoding of values in the URL path. The problem is that decoding Thai characters in the path, returns improperly.

The Bug was confirmed by support. They offered a work around for using the URL parameter, which properly decodes the Thai character, however, the work around is not suitable for the use case as I need the Thai characters in the path for SEO purposes.

They offered another work around to use a plugin, which takes 5-6 seconds to decode, so definitely not a solution.

The support agent told me that the engineers indicated that fixing the Bug would break a lot of users apps.

Does anybody have any insight into why it would possibly be that fixing a Bug would break a lot of users apps as it relates to the proper decoding of a slug value in Thai characters? Personally, it is beyond my experience to know what others may have set up their apps to do in relation to this Bug.

Any ideas?

There are some technical explanations that could be speculated, re text/character encodings within URLs etc., but what seems most appropriate here is a slightly more practical answer.

When Bubble Makes any changes to the platform, bug fix or otherwise, it always has the potential to mash up a lot of other “things” for a lot of other people. And when that happens it can be “incredibly disruptive” (words from the authority on the subject matter).

Read more on that conversation here: What is Bubble's policy on pushing changes? - #4 by josh

Considering that your issue has been confirmed as a true “bug”. It would presumably go onto a bug list and eventually get prioritized high enough to be an active work item. It is unfortunate that there is not a simple resolution/fix for your issue, but given the circumstances as you described them, it seems like an appropriate response from Bubble/support.

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