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Looking at an option set and pulling the next option based on attribute with numbers

OK, I have an option set for Ranks, and they have an attribute field for Order(number). I’m trying to setup a workflow so when I click “Approve Rank Advancement” it looks at the member’s current rank, and then go to the next higher number rank based on the attribute and return that option. See image for what I’m trying to do, but it does not seem to be working. Is there a better way or what am I doing wrong? Thank you!

Are you trying to change a members rank?

The way I have it setup is that each rank record keeps track of what the rank is, and what the next rank is as well as the dates each of the requirements have been complete. Once all the requirements have been completed I have the approve button which as you see in the images Creates a new rank record.

Filling out the new record’s Rank is easy as it’s the previous records “next-rank”, but now I need to set what the new “next-rank” will be. This is where I’m having difficulty.

Where are you getting ‘member’ and ‘next-rank’ from. It seems like there is something being referenced that isn’t pictured or you have customized the names of some variables. The filter looks like it should be working but what is ‘member’ referencing?

Yes, sorry. Here is the on page Workflow which is triggering the Backend Workflow.

And if it helps, here is the Data Type.

Does it help if in the filter for ‘Next-rank’ you put ‘Constraint: This Society Rank’s Order is next-rank’s Order + 1’. And do you have a condition for if it is the highest rank. And you are sure all of the options have a numeric order assigned that is increasing by 1 number at a time?

I think referring to the ‘next-rank’ in the constraint and increasing it by one is what was needed instead of increasing the previous rank which would equal to what was already the next-rank.

You’re absolutely right. If I’m looking for the next rank’s next rank. I’ll need to add 2 not 1. That would explain why it kept putting the same rank in. Sometimes you just need someone else on the outside to look at something. I’ve not tested it yet, but I’m sure that’s what the issue is. I’ll test it now. Thank you!

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