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Looking for a Bubble dev/coach to help me build an MVP

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a bubble expert who can help me build my MVP (an internal social network-type app for a specific industry).

I would like to hire someone who can also coach me so I can learn how to continue to develop the app on my own later on.

Please DM me with your rates if you think you could help me out with this!

Best regards,

Hi, Christa,

I can recommend Nikolai Markovich for coaching. I worked with him on 2 apps and he was great.

Good luck,


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@christa.taite welcome to the community!

Hey @christa.taite :wave:

Welcome to the Bubble Community! :tada:

There are some really good coaches on the Bubble Coaching page that you can take a look at. They will definitely be able to help you out by teaching instead of just doing the work for you.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hi @christa.taite ,
Hope this social network template helps you!