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Looking for a Bubble developer to join a startup in the circular economy!

:thread: :necktie: :dress: :kimono: :sari: :handbag: :purse: :boot: :mans_shoe: :tophat:

We are, a small team of 3 co-founders looking to bring the 4th one to join our venture in equal parts.

You can think of Sharedrobes as the Airbnb for occasion clothes! :wink:

Important information to know:

  • It all started in Ireland, but we are a fully remote team, and we plan to keep it that way.
  • We are in the fashion industry, focused on incentivising the circular economy and reducing the impact of fashion on our planet’s health.
  • We are a purposeful team.
  • We are in this for the long run.
  • The real work will start in 2022.

You can check our landing page at

Intrigued :question: Contact us at [email protected].

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