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Looking for a bubble freelancer to finish aggregation app

I’ve been building an aggregated website of products on the Bubble platofrm for the past few months. I will soon have less time to dedicate to pure development, but I am still looking to finish certain features by September. I’ve hit a few walls being new to no code & have decided to get some outside help. I will be paying $15 to $30 an hour based on experience.

I’m looking for a freelancer who fits the criteria:

  • You need to have at least 1 year of freelance experience.
  • Be able to start by 9/22/21
  • In depth knowledge of bubble logic and back end workflows.
  • A portfolio with a wide range of different projects.
  • Be able to meet during eastern times 9-5 (EST/EDT).
  • Activity in the bubble forums and community is also a big plus.
  • Willing to sign an NDA I will allow you to share the website on your portfolio once its live.

To give you more details about the shape of the app:

  • Most of the UI/UX is done.
  • The site is live but still has no users because I have found it easier to share.
  • Most of my issues now are state and logic-based.
  • I’ve used a lot of reusable elements because I found it easier to work with my app.
  • I still have some features to build, some things to reorganize on the front-end
  • There are about 5 features that are half-implemented because I couldn’t get them to work properly.
  • I’m mainly looking for someone to figure out the logic. I can do the actual implementation on each page.

Here are the things I’m looking to fix and implement. Most of my issues have been figuring out how to do pricing for products with multiple online vendors. As well as building a shareable shopping cart with a unique url.

In my limited bubble experience, I would think what I’m looking for would take a good freelance developer around 10 to 20 hours of work. Possible less but I’m sure I’ve done some of the backend wrong. If all goes well I will be looking to hire you again around January/February.

You might have to up your budget considerably to get someone with that level of experience :slight_smile:


What would you suggest is a fair budget?

Very cheap end developer would be minimum $50 up to about $100/hr USD.